givinggraphic: Donations for Camp KEEP are always welcome! Check out our wishlist. Wish List for KEEP Cambria

  • Surround Sound receiver/amplifier for multimedia presentations = $200
  • Twin sheet sets with blankets for First Aid cabin x4 = $40/set
  • Portable work bench =$100
  • Donation for Fox/Opposum/Skunk Taxidermy for Learning Center =$500
  • Any Taxidermy or Tanned Pelts of Native Wildlife
  • Durable Bird Houses for Various Songbirds & Owls = $25 ea
  • Heavy duty folding metal cot x2 = $150 ea
  • Board games for counselors = $20-40 ea
  • Min/Max Thermometer = $40
  • Barometer = $65

  • Funds for Site Improvements*
  • Seedlings of Native Trees & Shrubbery
  • 8 Drawer Dresser for Cabin*
  • Volunteer Labor for Site Improvements*
  • Flooring, Paint, Doors, Shower Inserts, Hardware, etc.*

*KEEP Cambria rents our campus on a long-term basis from Coalinga Huron Park & Recreation District. Any donations for permanent facility upgrades will benefit our students, but will also improve their site. Please contact our Program Supervisor, John Fairweather, for specifics.

If you are interested in donating to KEEP Cambria,
please contact:

John Fairweather; Program Supervisor
Kern Environmental Education Program
P.O. Box 346
Cambria, CA 93428

Thank you!

We appreciate all of your contributions. By way of thanks, we'd like you to read some of the thank you Letters we have received. Your contributions make these experiences possible!

  • Great Coffee Fall 2007 by The Frayne Family, Thorner School
  • Large Birdhouse Fall 2007 by The Garcia Family, Thorner School
  • Fossil Display 2006 by Mr Don Ricketts, Fairfax School
  • Native Plant Seedlings Fall 2006 by Growing Grounds of San Luis Obispo
  • Native Plant Seedlings Fall 2006 by Cambria Pines Nursery
  • Native Plant Seedlings Fall 2006 by Los Palomitas
  • Drums Fall 2006 by Harding 6th Graders
  • Cash Donation Spring 2006 by Owens Intermediate 6th Graders
  • Cash Donation Spring 2006 by Mrs. Auffant
  • Animal Stickers Spring 2006 by Mrs Baugher
  • Toiletries Spring 2006 by Mr Haus
  • Class T-Shirts donated Spring 2006 by Mr Farley's class at Sing Lum
  • Nature Sound CDs and Bedtime Storybooks donated Fall 2005 by Harding 6th Graders
  • Western Gull Taxidermy Grant donated Spring 2005 by the Jim Burke Education Foundation
  • Cash Donation Spring 2005 by Owens Intermediate Students & PTA
  • Treats! we thank all of you beautiful people who bring us candy
  • 4 Office Wall Clocks donated Fall 2004 by Harding 6th Graders
  • KEEP Bumper Sticker Design and Printing donated Summer 2004 by Diana & David Campbell
  • Clothing & Toiletries donated Spring 2004 by Jefferson Teachers
  • Yummy Pies supplied every year by Mrs Green & Coalinga Middle School!
  • Cash Donation Spring 2004 by Owens Intermediate Students & PTA
  • All-Terrain Wheelchair purchased Spring 2004 by Special Education Funding
  • 100 Gallon Aquarium & Supplies donated Spring 2004 by an anonymous donor
  • Student Listening Station donated Winter 2003 by KCSOS Minigrant Program
  • Bat Houses donated Fall 2003 by Harding 6th Graders
  • Taxidermy Grant donated Fall 2003 by the Kern County Wildlife Resources Commission
  • Bunk Beds donated Summer 2003 by the Fairweather Family
  • Touch Tank donated Spring 2003 by McKinley Magnet PTA, WZI & Active 20-30 Club
  • Kitchen Ventilator & Installation donated Spring 2003 by Paul Grillo of Bakersfield Hood & Vent
  • Outdoor Sinks donated Spring 2003 by Tom Alexander of A-C Electric
  • First Aid Packs donated Spring 2003 by Bessie Owens Intermediate
  • Bird Feeders donated Fall 2002 by Harding 6th Graders
  • Gopher Snake & Cages donated Spring 2001 by the Schell Family
  • Ford Van donated Fall 2001 by Chevron
  • TV, Digital Camera & PC System donated Spring 2000 by Schools Online
  • Cargo Storage Container donated Fall 1999 by Instant Storage
  • Beach Wheelchair donated Spring 1999 by Kern County Firefighters Association
  • Washer & Dryer donated Spring 1998 by McKinley School PTA
  • Newtonian Telescope donated Fall 1997 by Steve Collett & Kern Astronomical Society
  • Hand-held Radios and Chargers donated Fall 1997 by Texaco & Applied Technology
  • Microscopes donated Spring 1995 by Shell Oil Foundation & Californian Foundation
  • Food Slicer donated Spring 1994 by Shell Oil Foundation
  • Student Camperships & 10 base radios donated by A-C Electric
  • Shark Tooth Display donated by Marmolejo Family
  • Drill, Field Guides & Magnifying Jars donated by Harding School

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