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Some teachers have expressed an interest in having some internet resources available that are relevant to environmental education. These are some that we have found. If you have more that you consider useful, please let Ed "Oak" know.

  • State Standards Correlations
  • For those of you who are interested, this is a chart listing many of the activities we do at camp. The activities are correlated with the California State Standards for Science, Social Studies, Visual & Performing Arts, and Reading & Language Arts.

  • CREEC Network
  • The California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC) Network is an educational project whose mission is: To develop a communication network which provides educators with access to "high quality" environmental education resources to enhance the environmental literacy of California students.

News Articles
  • Coastal Artwork & Poetry Contest
  • The California Coastal Commission invites California students in kindergarten through 12th grade to submit artwork or poetry with a coastal or marine theme to the annual Coastal Art & Poetry Contest. Entries are due January 31.

  • Blue Ocean Institute
  • The Sea Stories Project is published quarterly and is soliciting first-person writing about the sea, coast, and sea-life from writers of all ages. Memoirs, essays, poetry, and imaginative nonfiction are all welcome, as are photographs, drawings, or other visual arts. Follow this link and click on "Sea Stories" for more information.

  • QuikSCience
  • QuikSCience is working to improve science education through studentsí love of the ocean. This competitions encourage middle and high school students to find innovative ways to work with their teachers and schools to improve their own education, their school curriculum, and their communities. There are a variety of competitive projects throughout the year.

  • Celebrate Urban Birds!
  • The Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology is conducting a variety of projects on common urban birds. They are seeking assistance from individuals, groups, and classrooms.

  • Classroom Feeder Watch
  • A middle-school curriculum, put together by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, studying winter feeder birds, November to April.

  • Backyard Bird Count
  • Each year over a period of 4 days, people all over the U.S. record their bird sightings and submit them here. All sightings are combined into a map of bird populations over the country.

  • Estuaries: Where Rivers Meet the Sea
  • Several lesson ideas and resources on topics revolving around water and estuaries. Links to EstuaryLive, an interactive, web-based program occuring in September of each year.

  • Morro Bay National Estuary Program
  • Flora and fauna guides for the Morro Bay area created by Morro Bay State Park staff. Each guide includes both photos and a written description of species found in and around the Morro Bay Estuary.

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium - Rocky Shores

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium - Activities & Games
  • The Monterey Bay Aquarium site has quite a bit of information relevant to ocean life and habitats. Click on the "Online Field Guide" for a list of animals common to the central California coast and a photo and information about each one.

  • Tidepool Explorers
  • Some interesting links to virtual tidepools are available here. This one'll turn up quite a bit with some searching. Check the bottom of the page for tidepool project ideas.

Elephant Seals
  • Friends of the Elephant Seals
  • Provides a thorough overview of the natural history of the northern elephant seal and a review of the local colony we visit during the winter months.

Chumash Natives
  • Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
  • This website includes information and helpful graphics about the Chumash people's daily lives, as well as resources archived by the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

  • Rhymin' Reason
  • Two public school teachers from Los Angeles who are dedicated to teaching environmental education through music. Their songs cover a wide range of environmental issues, from insects and animals to cycles in nature to activism.

  • Walkin' Jim Stoltz
  • "With a rich voice that sounds as deep as some of the canyons he's walked, he's sung of mountain lions, grizzly bears, the coyote, and other critters. Great stories, good songs, and fun sing-a-longs made this a very entertaining evening." -- Variety

  • Banana Slug String Band
  • "The Banana Slug String Band brings the FUN-damentals of science and ecology to you with cheesy songs ranging from boogies to sensitive ballads; folk songs to reggae and rap." You might recognize "Bats Eat Bugs" from our campfires!

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