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The KEEP staff includes the director, the program supervisor, 2 lead naturalists, 6 naturalists, and support staff. The program supervisor is responsible for curriculum implementation, daily planning and emergency situations. The lead naturalists are responsible for the counselor orientation, daily counselor meetings, all student activities and may take over in the absence of the program supervisor. The naturalists are competent college graduates who are experienced in working with children in an outdoor setting. Many of the naturalists have teaching credentials or have completed graduate course work in natural science or education.

To assist the staff, counselors are selected from "feeder" high schools by high school personnel at the request of the schools who attend KEEP. These counselors become part of the staff while on site. They will take their instructions from the visiting classroom teachers and the KEEP staff. Many schools also use parents as counselors.

The intent of the staff organization is to take the burden of planning, logistics and teaching off the shoulders of the classroom teacher and leave him/her free to act as a resource person, facilitator and fellow learner.

KEEP Cambria Staff
KEEP Ocean Staff

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